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The Alignbacker Network is the online Interface of Tony Daltoso. 

Tony Daltoso is a Personal Psychological Consultant and Cognitive Behavioral Strategist,  a counselor, relationship coach, father, husband, amateur philosopher, unpublished author, and that's just his current titles. He has also been a stand up comic, master of the custodial arts, car salesman, a failed athlete and a "Sad Panda."

Why Join The Alignbacker Network?

Hey Greetings ya'll. This is Tony Daltoso and let me tell you why I created The Alignbacker Network.

 I created The Alignbacker Network to be the interface I use to serve others.  As a counselor and consultant my phone is constantly on silent because I don't allow it to interrupt when I am in session. 

I am notoriously bad at responding to email. I think email is great way to send information fast. It is a horrible way to communicate. 

I have known other professionals who literally say "just Facebook me" and they literally conduct much of their business through Facebook and social media. I always liked the idea of having all my interactions right there, but I have never felt  comfortable that Facebook (even private groups) is secure or professional enough.  And so I created The Alignbacker Network to make it super easy and simple for others to work with me. 

The Alignbacker Network exists just for you. 

So hit me up and tell me how I can help!

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